Written Remains Writers Guild
The Written Remains Writers Guild is a coalition of Delaware authors working together to advance their craft and careers. The Guild was founded on the belief that writers can achieve greater literary excellence and a larger audience by working together, sharing knowledge, skills and resources, rather than as individual authors working alone. In addition to supporting one another as literary artists, the Guild also supports the Delaware writing community as a whole through its blog and website, monthly Get Out & Write gatherings, sponsorship of two critique groups for fiction writers, and our developing reading series.” Also find them on Facebook.
FREE TO BE 2nd SUNDAYS ARTIST OPEN HOUSE. Kito Shani and son Kevin Morgan are directors of W.E.I.R.D (Where Everybody Is Really Dope), sponsors of the monthly jam session where "artists can be artists opposed to being performers" and "is open to musicians, poets, and vocal artist. Visual artists are encouraged to bring sketch pads since they may become inspired." Interested in partaking???? Hit 'em up on their Facebook page. See Phillip Bannowsky's feature in The Broadkill Review.
Peace Love and Poetry
Peace, Love and Poetry (PLP).  Affectionately, called PLP among its followers, this showcase concert has become a favorite among the Wilmington community and is now sought after by
other communities, venues and cities.  This production promises to be an organic and quality experience of live performances featuring the area’s uprising talent. PLP: Soul Opera has also become a hometown favorite featuring the area’s seasoned and professional performers.  Soul Opera: Telling stories of Love and Life through poetry, music and song! Customized, universal and unique themes at every show! Suite Franchon Beeks is the majordoma of this occasional extravaganza, blending poetry, music, and drama. The latest productions are always posted at www.peacelovepoetry.us.
Delaware Literary Connection

The Delaware Literary Connection (DLC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the literary arts in Delaware. Our membership includes poets, novelists, short story writers, essayists, journalists, video producers and those who just enjoy writing and want exposure to it. For more information, send an email. The DLC is the host of the 2nd Saturday Poets, founded in 1981 and now at 5 p.m. 2nd Saturdays at The Jackson Inn, 101 N. DuPont Road, Wilmington, Delaware.

Broadkill Review
c/o John Milton & Co.
104 Federal Street,
Milton, DE 19968
The Broadkill Review, the world's first exclusively pdf-format literary journal, delivered by secure download link to your home or office computer, has been publishing now for six years. Our pages have included work by writers from around the world, which is not unusual, since we are distributed to around ten thousand readers in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, China, Pakistan, India, the middle-east, Eastern Central and Western Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and the US.
No state values its old books as Delaware does. Hundreds of collectors eagerly seek books about Delaware or written by Delawareans. And there are thousands of such books: Delaware authors have been prolific.
This Web site offers articles that originally appeared in Collecting Delaware Books, a print newsletter discussing Delaware books and paper ephemera, published from 1992 to 1999 by John P. Reid of Bear, Delaware.
Additional articles, updates, and new material are added to the site every few months. See the website.
Collecting Delaware Books
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