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            Phillip Bannowsky is a retired autoworker, international educator, human rights activist, and recipient of the 2017 Delaware Division of the Arts Established Artist Fellowship in Literature: Poetry.
            He was born a war baby in 1944 in Oakland, California. His father was a distinguished Navy pilot and Texan, his mother was an administrative professional, and his family saw the world.
            Bannowsky has now been writing poetry, fiction, news articles, op-eds, political broadsides, and performance pieces for roughly 50 years, but his bread and butter was factory labor. Upon winning a 1963 Academy of American Poets Prize (judged by Robert Lowell) at the University of Delaware, he began serially dropping out of college, but not before joining the radical Students For a Democratic Society, now a dear group of old friends. Ultimately, he hired on at Chrysler Corporation, where he worked for 31 years, mostly humping the line, but sometimes rabble rousing as a union reformer, sometimes elected as a representative, and finally cooling his worn-out bones in Quality Assurance, meanwhile publishing a chapbook, The Milk of Human Kindness (Dreamstreets Press, 1986), and creating his performance piece, Autoplant: a Poetic Monologue in 1991 (published 2007, Broken Turtle Books). Studying both full- and part-time, he earned a BA in English in 1989 and an MA in Literature and Pedagogy in 1991, both from UD.
            On leave from Chrysler from 1992 to 1995, he rose to chair of a high school English department at an American school in Ecuador, an experience he mined for his novel, The Mother Earth Inn (Broken Turtle Books, 2007).
            After he retired from the assembly line in 2001, he again taught overseas, again as secondary English chair, this time in Lebanon, just as the continuing Iraq hell-disaster exploded. Currently, he is an adjunct at UD, where he has directed a study abroad program in Ecuador, taught a course on the 60s, and now teaches The Poetry of Empowerment.
            Additionally, Bannowsky is a contributing editor at Dreamstreets Magazine and curates Broken Turtle Booklist (, a catalogue of Delaware writers.
            Recent poems have appeared in Dreamstreets Magazine, Broadkill Review, Currents, Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, The Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies News,armarólla, Meat for Tea: the Valley Review, Psychedelic Press Journal (UK), About Place Journal, and the anthology Bad Hombres and Nasty Women (The Raving Press, 2017).
            Bannowsky has wed twice and raised two sons, a stepdaughter, and a nephew. He now lives in Newark, Delaware with his wife since 1991, Joan French, an activist and educational leader.

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