Also by Patrice Gibbs: Organized Unity for Progressive Revolution. Influence by Marcus Garvey and author of The Destruction of Black Civilization Chancellor Williams, Gibbs provides "a blueprint for the Black Man to effectively unify and change his condition." Organized Unity is based on the Traditional Ancient African Constitution. $14.25 for paperback at Amazon or $7.99 for Kindle edition.

Alphabetical list of Delaware authors (un-linked yet to be added; suggestions welcome)
William Francis Albensi
Marie Allen
JoAnn Balingit
Ivan Bannowsky
Phillip Bannowsky
Kathleen Barrett
Mahasveta Barua
Nina Bennett
Michael Blaine
Linda Blaskey
Melissa S. Boyd
Fleda Brown
Regina Bumbrey
Weldon Burge
Cindy Callaghan
Nancy Carol-Willis
Anne Colwell
Shannon Connor Winward
Bob Davis
Marisa de Los Santos
Ramona deFelice Long
Liz DeJesus
Beth Evans
Linda Evans
Patrice Gibbs
Pat Goodman
Gary Hanna
Vanessa Haley
Hina Haq
Crystal Heidel
Marsha Henderson
William H. Horner
Arlene Humphrey
Gail Husch
Wendy Ingersoll
K. B. Inglee
Cassandra JerVey
Larry W. Kelts
L. S. King
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej
Karl Kuerner
Gerry LaFemina
e. jean Lanyon
Steven Leech
Phil Linz
Franetta MacMillian
Robert Mallouk
Maria Masington
Abby Millager
Devon Miller-Duggan
Douglas Morea
Sean Mullen
Helen (Cookie) Ohlson
Leon Opio
Bobbie Palmer
Mary Pauer
Scott Phillips
Drury Pifer
Francis Poole
Russ Reese
J.M. Reinbold
Maggie Row
Gibbons Ruark
Christy Shaffer
J. Gregory Smith
Cruce Stark
Pam Stebbins
K. A. Steed
Billie Travalini
Johnny M. Tucker, Jr.
Justynn Tyme
Scott Whitaker
Roz Unruh
Jean Murray Walker
Robert Yearick
Lara M. Zeises

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